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Our Creations

As you can see in the designer’s stock photo, this was originally a strapless dress, but we
transformed it with these beautiful matching straps, creating a scoop back and giving a
gorgeous delicate shoulder detail to the front.


This bride only had a couple of weeks for her wedding when she came to us. Her original dress
was ordered in the wrong size (by another shop) and much too big. Luckily our sample was her
size, and perfect with some TG alterations. She really wanted a matching bolero and she was in
luck, as we had matching lace in stock. The bride was able to design her bolero with us,
creating a double layer polka dot and lace design with gorgeous scalloped edge. As you can
imagine the bride was absolutely over the moon with the end result, and all done in less than 4


You can see from the first picture (designer’s stock photo) that the bodice was completely
remade for this bride, she wish to have a straight neckline of the solid bodice layer and then a
high round lace layer neckline. The sleeve length were extended to just above the elbow and
the back was altered to create a high straight across finish rather than the low V illusion back on
the original design.


This chiffon dress was originally strapless, but the bride wanted a little more coverage, we used
matching appliques and fine tulle to create delicate long sleeves and a higher off shoulder


This dress originally fastened with a zip, which was removed and replaced with a placket and
corset style lacing. This bride fell in love with this dress, but unfortunately didn’t have the time
to wait for her size to arrive, therefore she had our shop sample and we altered accordingly.


This dress, as you can see from the designer’s stock photo was originally strapless. We added
a capped sleeve keyhole back bolero in matching lace and attached using invisible poppers, so
this can be completely removed in the evening, transforming into a second look for the


This bride wanted a little more coverage, than the original strapless dress gave her, therefore
we created this lace bolero from scratch. Unfortunately the dress had been discontinued so
therefore had to source the lace elsewhere which can be a little tricky to match, but I think we
did exceptionally in this instance.


As you can see in the stock designer’s photos, this dress is originally sleeveless, we think a little
capped sleeve is so much more flattering. Using matching lace you would never even know this
little tweek is not original to the dress.


This dress was originally strapless, but the bride wanted more coverage, after choosing the
lace, it was designed together with the bride, making it asymmetrical to match the style of the


These photos show a ‘toile’ being made, which is basically a ‘mock up’ of a dress in calico,
which enables the maker to have a perfect made to measure pattern for the actual wedding


Completely bespoke matching lace jacket which is detachable made with a unique keyhole
back. This gives the bride two completely different looks, and the Bride intended to remove the
top for the reception, and add a statement necklace for a glamourous evening look.


As you can see from the stock photo originally this dress was sleeveless, but due to having a
winter wedding, this bride was absolutely set on having long sleeves. We used matching lace
sourced from the designer and made sleeves with matching buttons. We added extra lace to
the back to raise the neckline and extended the buttons, this gave her more coverage.


A completely bespoke bolero, made from matching lace sourced from the Designer.


Beautiful scalloped edge, high neck lace bolero, designed together with the bride, who chose
the lace, neckline and length of sleeve.


The bride fell in love with this dress but really didn’t like the idea of it being strapless (which it
originally was) so we made these gorgeous matching lace capped sleeve shoulders. To make it
even more unique we added a satin sash with lace detail to the front and beautiful bow to the


Another strapless dress originally, the long sleeve matching lace top, was made using lace
sourced from the Designer and attached to the dress making it a permanent feature, scalloped
edging was sewen around the back and also at the bottom of sleeves.


A unique bespoke long sleeve top was created for this strapless dress, with hand placed
appliques, the bride preferred to keep this as a permanent feature so this was sewn on to the


A strapless dress given a TG make over ... the solid layer was raised front and back, with
matching lace sourced from the designer made into sleeves and scooped neck top, this was
permanently attached to the dress. Matching buttons were attached to the higher back


This matching long sleeve scalloped edge lace bolero was made to the Bride’s specification,
being totally detachable and giving her two looks for the day.


This strapless dress was completely transformed with the addition of an applique adorned lace
top with long sleeves and minimal flesh showing.


Originally strapless, we added this twisted cuff section to the top of this dress using matching
taffeta ordered from the Designer.


This bride wanted a bespoke retro looking jacket made for a December wedding. The fabric was
ordered from the Designer so matched perfectly, with a rolled boat neckline, 3⁄4 sleeves and
hook & eye closure, the bride could remove when needed, and was ecstatic with the result.


As you can see from the stock photo, this beaded top was completely transformed by removing
the Mikado rolled neck and opening up the neckline, additional capped sleeves and beautiful
box bow belt.


The neckline just didn’t have the wow factor on this dress, which was left on the rail longer than
we would like, so Sunay transformed the dress by adding appliques and opening up the back to
create a V shape. After Sunay worked here magic I am pleased to say it did not stick around.


Sunay made a totally removable off the shoulder beautiful lace top and box bow belt to jazz up a
plain dress, this is a shop sample and available to buy today.


This bride knew exactly what she wanted and came in with a picture of a celebrity bride, wearing a
simple chiffon skirt split to the side and satin camisole. Sunay made a bespoke replica of this outfit
for our bride, who managed to source the belt herself and she was absolutely over the moon. We
think she looks absolutely stunning and carried the outfit perfectly.


This bride wanted the neckline completely re-modelled, from the high neck, as you can see in the
Designers picture, to a V neck with slight off shoulders, we used a softer corded lace which was
continued through the back V, which the bride preferred.


This bride wasn’t too keen on the multi keyhole original design of her dress, and wanted a simpler
detailed back with one large keyhole, as you can see we added extra lace to create this effect.


This bride was desperate to wear her wedding gown again as she loved it so much, therefore we
made her dress into a ballgown with gorgeous steel blue lace, she was over the moon with the


This bride wanted to be slightly more covered, so we made beaded matching sleeves.


Our bride here was after a very specific coloured dress, so we utilised a strapless silk gown and
added a lace top with sleeves, and then dyed the whole dress silver.


This bride totally knew exactly what she wanted, so we made it from scratch for her, we had a few
issues sourcing a non floral black lace, but we got there in the end, we had a very happy bride!

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